Do you need some ice for that burn?

My name is Jack Frost,
and I make fantastic snowballs.
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Art by racharuu@dA

tattooed-hooligan sent:

The scene playing out before him on the floor was enough to render him speechless. Green hues tried to stay locked on Jacks face, but it was hard not to trail down as the boys hips pulled off the floor. A hitched exhale was caught by a cough and a lame attempt to swallow the lump in his throat. It was obvious Jack was starting to lose himself in his own touches, and with a quick movement the brunet crouched down to be a bit closer. "Heh.. That face your making is kinda cute."

Jacks hand was moving faster, desperately. It took all he had not to try reach up and pull the brunette in for a kiss, a touch, anything. By this point he was too far gone to reply, instead resounding with a peel of moans. Some getting louder and others cut off. However he did manage another cry of Hiccups name right before he tipped over the edge

tooth-the-memory-keeper sent:

That was a nice sound~ My turn? *tilts his head back and nips at his throat*

*hums softly and closes his eyes*

malevolentjackfrost said: ((you put the dick in your mouth but you don’t give it the power to homo you))

tooth-the-memory-keeper sent:

*shivers* You are so full of it~ *tugs at his hair gently*

*moans softly and leans into her hand*

tooth-the-memory-keeper sent:

You did that on purpose. *ruffles her feathers a bit*

*kisses the shell of her ear.* no idea what you’re talking about

tooth-the-memory-keeper sent:

*lets out a squeak, her feathers puffing up*

*chuckles lowly into her ear*

Anonymous sent:

do you try get into literally everyone pants?

its a metaphor 

tooth-the-memory-keeper sent:

*mewls and tilts her head back* No no, go on~

*slides his other hand up to the back of her neck and scratches through her feathers lightly*

tooth-the-memory-keeper sent:

*bites her lip* 'Flustering' also comes to mind.

if you want me to stop just say the word *presses his fingers into her waist and kisses along her collar bone*

tooth-the-memory-keeper sent:

*looks away* Y-you're embarassing me~

*trails kisses down her neck* is that the right word?